About Usergames

Usergames is a new platform where users can learn every aspect of game development; from art to code.
You can download and play the different games made by users such as yourself, but the real fun is participating in the development of these projects! Big or small, everyone apreciates a bit of contribution.

Where Do I Start?

After creating an account, you can start looking for some projects that need your help! You can search for projects that are seeking a specific talent, such as art. If you don't find anything that is looking for your kind of talent, don't be shy to still offer your help. A 'Join Project' button will still be available for project managers who are open to any contribution. The creators of the project will need to accept your offer so that the fun can start. The site comes with both interactive and video tutorials that will explain all of this in more detail.

Why Should I Care?

Usergames offers its users the ability to practice various skills whilst working in teams; itself an important skill. There's no better way to learn how to do something than to do it! Many do not get the opportunity to work on projects in a team, brainstorming and working around other people's limitations. It provides an excelent space for creativity to spark!