About UsergamesAlpha

Usergames is a new platform where users can learn about game development in every aspect; from art to code.
You can download and play the different games that can be found here just as you would on any other digital distribution platform, but the real fun is in participating in the development of these projects!

How Does It Work?

After creating an account, you can start looking for some projects that need your help! You can search for projects that are looking for a specific talent, such as an artist. If you don't find anything that is looking for your kind of talent, don't be shy to still offer your help. A 'Join Project' button will still be available on most projects. The creators of the project will need to accept your offer so that the fun can start.
The site comes with both a interactive tutorial and video tutorials that will explain all of this in more detail.

What Do I Get?

It really depends on the project and the amount of participation your bring in..
By joining any free project, you will earn 'Usercoins' that will be linked to your account.

What Are Usercoins?

A usercoin is a type of currency that can only be spent on this website. The coins will allow you to do anything from getting free games to creating your own paid project on the site!
All in all, it's a way to show your participation in the community as well as the amount of success projects you have worked on have gotten.